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These galleries represent the display ads we've done as well as several web sites.
For every dispay ad, there is a campaign that included collateral, web ads and, in some cases, point of purchase materials.
The work here spans only the last decade or so and is arranged completely randomly..

“For many years, Bob Martin and RTM&Associates have been integral to the success of Sennheiser and Neumann brands in the U.S. market. The graphic design produced by RTM& Associates is second to none, and the responsive approach to customer service is unmatched. RTM&Associates has provided packaging solutions, advertising, in-store collateral, brochures and mailers for every major campaign in seven different business segments within Sennheiser; each with resounding success. And in that time, Sennheiser has more than quadrupled in sales, proving how valuable RTM&Associates really is.”

Karl Winkler, Marcom Manager, Lectronsonics

“I have been in charge/involved in the advertising for Fostex America since the company’s inception in 1981. Over the years we have lived the spectrum from all in-house to complete agency affiliation, and just about everything in between. I state categorically (and happily) that our relationship with Bob Martin and his superb staff was the most effective and efficient of all.”

Budd Johnson, Marcom Manager, Fostex America

“RTM&Associates, have done more for the companies with which I have worked than create superlative graphics. They partner with us to understand our objectives, markets, and customers. The results - excellent campaigns with increased sales. I could not have turned my ‘underdogs’ into ‘wonderdogs’ without them.”

Neil Glassman, former president, Digigram Inc., and former Marketing Director, Telos Systems

“I’ve been working with Bob and his team for over 15 years and consider them to be a key contributor to our success. We’ve enjoyed a five-fold sales increase with the Neumann brand and won numerous awards for our print adverts developed under Bob’s aegis. He has a delightful disposition and I recommend him wholeheartedly for any creative position.”

Jeff Alexander, VP Sales, Sennheiser / Neumann USA Inc.

“RTM&Associates provides us with a creative approach to marketing our guitars. They understand our customers and our product, and they know how to create interest that results in sales.”

Steve Andersen, Andersen Stringed Instruments

“I’ve been working with Bob Martin for almost two decades. His insight into the music industry, creativity and product knowledge all make for compelling ads that never cease to amaze me, portraying Ashly and our products in the most positive light.”

Jim Stachowski, Marketing Director, Ashly Audio, Inc

“Whether the client is a broadcast or pro audio company, trade association, or non-profit organization, RTM&Associates is always our first choice. They “get it” and get it right the first time.”

Cate Cowan, founder, Cowan Communications

“JK Audio builds problem solving tools for unique communications applications. RTM&Associates creates ads and literature that make it easy for the customer to
say ‘hey, that’s it’.”

Joe Klinger, President, JK Audio, Inc.

“It’s unusual to find the combination of ad-man and guitar-man in the same company, let alone the same person. Throw in the fact that they create the best materials in town, and you have RTM&Associates.”

Bernie Lehmann, Lehmann Stringed Instruments

I always wanted to be Darrin Stevens (from the ancient TV show “Bewitched”) when I grew up. The three martini lunch held great appeal, but not as much as having a wife who could magically make anything happen. As it turns out, I made my career in advertising. After my first three-martini lunch, I realized that if I wanted to be successful, I’d better not drink in the middle of the day. And, while I didn’t find a wife who could alter reality with the wiggle of her nose, I came to the realization that this powerful medium allows me to do that.

Creating reality that sells is what we do. And we do it better than anyone else. Our clients over the years have enjoyed sustained success, growth and profitability, often outpacing the industry in these areas.

Whether it's print, web ads, social media, or whatever comes next, readers give you less than one second to grab their attention. And less than two seconds to sell them.In that first second, you’ve got to stop them from turning the page and push their emotional buttons. Once you’ve hooked them, you’ve got another second to appeal to their intellect and drive the message home.

Everything depends on those two seconds.

Knowing the market takes a lot more than quantitative and qualitative research. Indeed, knowing the market is working the warehouse, the distribution center, the retail store, using the gear, being a fan, saving your money to buy the stuff – basically living, breathing and eating the things you are trying to sell. You’ve got to be able to see it from every angle. See things the way the buyer sees them. See them the way the buyer’s mother and father sees them. See things the way the client sees them.

We take our own advice. If we can’t talk fanatically about our customers’ products to their biggest fans or their worst fence–sitters, we have no business selling their stuff.

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